3 mules at lockport

Erie Canal Bicentennial – Mules at Lockport

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This 11oz white ceramic mug commemorates the upcoming bicentennial celebration in 2025.  This iconic view from the bottom of Lockport’s famous “flight of five” locks shows a team of three mules ready to resume their eastward voyage pulling the barge you see on the left as it exits the last lock.

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3 mules at lockportLockport in the western section is famous because the canal had to rise sixty feet to cross the Niagara Escarpment in order to continue all the way to Lake Erie.  If they made that rise with one lock, the wooden gates holding that much water would have been impossible for any one man to move.  Experience with locks elsewhere in the eastern canal had taught them that a rise of twelve feet was about the limit.  The result was five locks arranged close together rising like a “flight of stairs” for boats.  Delays getting through those locks were inevitable, so they wisely decided to create a second set of locks alongside,  for boats moving in the opposite direction.



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