Lockport’s “Upside-down” Bridge

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This 11oz white ceramic mug features a railroad bridge at Lockport that often is depicted by tourguides as “upside down” because the trussing used to strengthen the bridge is below the tracks rather than above them.


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500-upsidedownbridgeTour guides at the site like to explain the unusual bridge by saying that because railroads were in competition with the canal for freight cargo business, they used the hanging bridge trusswork as a way to limit the size of ships that could navigate on the canal. No doubt it’s fun tell people that clever story, but if you visit Lockport and hear this on one of the tours, don’t believe it. The real reason is far less interesting: Bridge truss-work is built above the load it’s intended to carry – in this case the railroad – only when there’s not enough room underneath, which is usually the case. Building it above means that the bridge has to be wider to accomodate both the traffic AND the truss-work. That means more steel and higher building costs. Here the ground on both sides was high enough to allow the railroad to save some money by building a narrower bridge with the truss-work below the tracks, with plenty of room to spare for canal boats to pass underneath. It was about saving money: Nothing more.

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