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Overview of the Locks at Lockport

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This 11oz white ceramic mug shows an overview of the locks taken from the top of the “upside down bridge” at Lockport.  The remains of the Enlarged Erie’s famous “Flight of Five” can be seen on the right, and the two functioning locks of today’s “Erie Barge Canal” are on the left.


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flight overviewIf ever there was a scene that represents the drama of the Erie Canal, it’s this one.  Sadly, very few people either know or appreciate how much depended on those five steps you see on the right side of this image.  That’s Lake Erie water you see flowing down those steps.  It took a thousand workmen laboring with hand tools to chisel a forty-feet deep trench in solid rock for SEVEN MILES to make that possible.  Today of course we’ve dug the Chunnel and landed on the moon, but in the summer of 1825, this construction site was the equivalent of Tranquility Base on the moon in 1969.  America’s future – and by extension the future of world events – was about to change.

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