Erie Canal Mug

Erie Canal Leak Repair at Albion in 2012

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This 11oz white ceramic mug shows a crew repairing a leak that shut the canal down in this section in the summer of 2012.  The location is about a mile west of the village of Albion.


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  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Premium quality ceramic mug
  • Image centered opposite the handle



Leaks are an ongoing concern whenever the canal is filled, and wherever the water level is above the surrounding grade – which is often the case in the western section.  When the Barge Canal was built in 1903-1918, The Mohawk and Seneca Rivers were canalized, meaning that they were modified to accomodate canal barges.  Because those rivers were already below grade, leaking wasn’t an issue there.  In the western section though, there were no rivers that could be canalized, so the existing canal bed was deepened, and its banks were built up.  This picture depicts one of those banks that sprung a leak and had to be repaired.


Note: Digital representations seen here may vary on the finished product.


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